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Through our consulting advice we bring fresh perspectives and combine your core cultural value with industry best practice, together allowing you to fast overcome the most persistent issues, all at zero cost to your organization. We provide services in designing business capabilities, enterprise architecture implementation strategy, adopting DevOps-microservices and in object oriented analysis and design. Our clients represent a broad range of private and public organizations.



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Ashok Mahalik

Ashok is a seasoned technology architect, mentor and advisor. With more than 18 years experience in business and information management, his transformation strategies infusing business capability have been the basis for business -IT architecture alignment initiatives.

He is the author of Deconstructing Distributed Blockchain, and written several technical papers. Have lectured and trained hundreds of business and IT professional in SOA, Microservice, Enterprise Architecture, UML, OOAD, and System Analysis and Design.


Latest Projects


Non-functional Architecture using OOAD and UML

Non-functional Architecture using OOAD and UML

Functionality and Non-functionality attributes are orthogonal. Systems are frequently redesigned not because they are functionally deficient - the replacements are…
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Enterprise Architecture – Does not solve business problems

Enterprise Architecture – Does not solve business problems

It is a tool that enable efficient business process and information access for all business units/centers by providing common models,…
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Microservice – A disruption to status quo, a massive shift in the way IT operates

To understand microservice, we need to know what is SOA and how our common assumptions made the whole SOA concepts…
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Blockchain – A value disruptor. Distributed || Trustless || Consensus

It has potential to change the role of existing intermediaries, the way business currently operates in the digital currency space…
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Book Publication

Author         :  Ashok Mahalik
Colophon   : Blockchain technology have been there around for a good last few years. Unfortunately, there is no single view on how it's various concepts are linked together. This book attempts to model the Blockchain concepts and provides a marriage between conceptual modeling and various concepts within the Blockchain business world.

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